Handmade jewellery from a range of countries

Whether it’s necklaces, bracelets, or earrings, jewellery provides the final touch for your outfit and really lets you shine. VHL Designs is the natural choice for authentic, handmade jewellery which radiates quality and class.

Ayala Bar

This jewellery collection comes from Tel-Aviv (Israel), where the items are hand made. Various styles are available, and they also work with stones. Love the Gypsy style? Or maybe you prefer the Bohemian look? Anything is possible! The designs are very beautiful and particularly colourful.

Camps & Camps

Two sisters create their own resin jewellery. These jewels are of course very light! Everything is produced on site in Venlo.


Kazuri jewellery come from Kenya and is sold in the shop in Bruges. The local ladies in Kenya turn the pearls by hand, and they are then dried, baked and painted. Your jewel is a pure and unique piece which will really make you stand out.

Choose your favourite piece from the great range of jewellery in Bruges and jazz up the rest of your outfit with a matching purse or a beautiful hatContact us for extra info.